New Years Eve With Littles

New Years Eve With Littles

We know not all families go out and party on NYE so here are some ideas to have a fun evening at home with your little ones or as a family. 

Happy New Year! 🎉

1. Pajama Fashion Show:

Encourage everyone to show off their favorite pajamas! Have a mini fashion show where each family member struts their stuff in their comfiest sleepwear. Give awards for categories like the silliest, most colorful, or coziest pajamas.

2. Pajama Crafting Station:

Set up a crafting area where kids can decorate their pajamas! Provide fabric markers, patches, fabric paint, or iron-on decals for them to personalize their sleepwear. Let their creativity run wild as they design their own pajama masterpieces.

3. Bedtime Story Hour:

Create a cozy reading nook with blankets and pillows. Have a bedtime story hour where everyone takes turns reading their favorite stories or New Year-themed books. Encourage the kids to wear their pajamas as they snuggle up for a magical storytelling session.

4. Pajama Dance Party:

Take the dance party up a notch by adding a pajama twist! Have a dance-off competition where participants bust out their best moves in their comfy sleepwear. You can even incorporate a "pajama fashion walk" into the dance routine.

5. Pajama Movie Marathon:

Enhance the movie night by declaring it a pajama-themed movie marathon. Encourage the kids to wear their coziest pajamas while watching their favorite films or a series of New Year-themed movies.

6. Breakfast Pajama Brunch:

Start New Year's Eve day with a pajama-themed breakfast or brunch. Let the kids wear their pajamas while helping prepare breakfast together. Consider making pancakes, waffles, or other favorite breakfast treats to kick off the day in comfort.

7. Pajama Yoga or Stretching Session:

Wind down the evening with a calming yoga or stretching session. Invite the family to wear their pajamas for a relaxing session aimed at getting everyone ready for a peaceful night's sleep.

8. DIY Pillowcase Decorating:

Set up a station where kids can decorate their own pillowcases! Provide fabric markers, stencils, and fabric paint for them to create personalized pillowcases to use when they head to bed after the celebrations.

9. Pajama Karaoke:

Turn up the music and have a karaoke session in pajamas! Sing along to favorite tunes and let loose in your comfy sleepwear. It's a fantastic way to laugh and have fun together.

By incorporating pajamas into these activities, you'll infuse an extra layer of comfort and coziness into your New Year's Eve celebration with the kids. Plus, it's a great way to bond and create lasting memories in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. 

Cheers to 2024 🪩✨

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